Lecture Review: Some Straight Talk On The Bolivarian Revolutions In Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela By Jeffrey Webber And Mike Gonzalez

3 Feb

I believed in Chavez and Morales. I was excited about them, even wrote about them.

I was wrong.

I was a fool.

I apologize.

But eventually I did come to my senses. And when I did I took a good deal of abuse when I suggested that the attempted assassination of the pig in Quito was a staged event. People want to believe in Chavez, Morales, and Correa, but they are not on our side folks. Even believers in authoritarian socialism must now concede that that is not what is happening in South America.

If you are interested in South America, history, or radical politics, don’t miss this. Webber and Gonzalez repeatedly hit the nail right on its head. [I recommend Webber’s book, also Revolution as Spectacle, Rafael Uzcategui’s book on Chavismo.]

There is a follow-up discussion to this video which can be found on you tube, but it is not nearly as interesting.

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